ID: 826

Type: clique group

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Members: 5 genomes

Member Name Member Toid Species
Veillonella atypica ACS-049-V-Sch6 648276753 Veillonella atypica
Veillonella atypica ACS-134-V-Col7a 648276754 Veillonella atypica
Veillonella atypica KON ATCC 17744T 2529292891 Veillonella atypica
Veillonella sp. ACP1 2537561629 Veillonella sp.
Veillonella sp. HPA0037 2541047010 Veillonella sp.

Intra-clique gANI: 96.61

Intra-clique AF: 0.86

Has an inter-clique gANI >=90 with clusters:

Cluster Id Cluster type Inter ANI Inter AF

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