ID: 831

Type: clique group

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Members: 10 genomes

Member Name Member Toid Species
Vibrio anguillarum 775 ATCC 68554 650716104 Vibrio anguillarum
Vibrio ordalii Schiewe DF3K ATCC 33509T 2513237346 Vibrio ordalii
Listonella anguillarum 96F 2547132096 Listonella anguillarum
Listonella anguillarum RV22 2547132097 Listonella anguillarum
Vibrio ordalii 12B09 2551306059 Vibrio ordalii
Vibrio ordalii FS-238 2551306060 Vibrio ordalii
Vibrio ordalii FF-93 2551306061 Vibrio ordalii
Vibrio ordalii FS-144 2551306065 Vibrio ordalii
Vibrio ordalii FF-167 2551306068 Vibrio ordalii
Listonella anguillarum M3 2554235462 Vibrio anguillarum

Intra-clique gANI: 98.14

Intra-clique AF: 0.82

Has an inter-clique gANI >=90 with clusters:

Cluster Id Cluster type Inter ANI Inter AF

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