Species Name: Brucella abortus

Bacteria, Proteobacteria, Alphaproteobacteria, Rhizobiales, Brucellaceae, Brucella

Present in cliques:

Clique Id Clique Type Contributing species(count)
91cliqueBrucella neotomae(1):Brucella microti(1):Brucella canis(10):Brucella abortus(101):Brucella sp.(16):Brucella melitensis(52):Brucella suis(33):Brucella pinnipedialis(4):Brucella ovis(15):Brucella ceti(5)

Genomes of this species:

IMG Taxon Id Name of genome Present in Clique(s)
637000039Brucella abortus bv 1 9-94191
642555110Brucella abortus S1991
645058717Brucella abortus 2308 A91
645058838Brucella abortus bv 6 87091
645058839Brucella abortus bv 2 86/8/5991
645058841Brucella abortus bv 4 29291
645058842Brucella abortus bv 3 Tulya91
645058864Brucella abortus bv 9 C6891
647533116Brucella abortus NCTC 803891
647533117Brucella abortus bv 5 B319691
2503508000Brucella abortus bv. 1 RB5191
2511231108Brucella abortus A1333491
2519103079Brucella abortus bv. 1 NI48691
2519103080Brucella abortus bv. 1 NI48891
2519103081Brucella abortus bv. 1 NI435a91
2519103082Brucella abortus bv. 1 NI47491
2519103089Brucella abortus bv. 1 NI02191
2519899782Brucella abortus bv. 1 NI01691
2519899834Brucella abortus bv. 1 NI01091
2519899841Brucella abortus bv. 1 NI25991
2529292839Brucella abortus F5/04-791
2529292841Brucella abortus 65/15791
2529292842Brucella abortus 64/10891
2529292843Brucella abortus 80/10891
2529292844Brucella abortus 90/5091
2529292845Brucella abortus LEVI23791
2529292846Brucella abortus 80/10291
2529292894Brucella abortus NI63991
2529292895Brucella abortus NI63391
2529292896Brucella abortus 63/16891
2529292897Brucella abortus NI64591
2529292898Brucella abortus 85/6991
2529292899Brucella abortus 88/1991
2529292900Brucella abortus 63/29491
2529292901Brucella abortus F6/05-291
2529292902Brucella abortus 63/5991
2529292903Brucella abortus 67/78191
2529293017Brucella abortus NI24091
2529293018Brucella abortus NI64991
2529293019Brucella abortus F1/06-B2191
2529293020Brucella abortus 63/13891
2529293021Brucella abortus 355/7891
2529293022Brucella abortus 63/14491
2529293023Brucella abortus NI51891
2529293024Brucella abortus NI62891
2529293025Brucella abortus 600/6491
2529293026Brucella abortus 78/1491
2529293109Brucella abortus 84/2691
2529293111Brucella abortus 80/2891
2529293112Brucella abortus F10/05-1191
2529293164Brucella abortus CNGB 30891
2529293165Brucella abortus CNGB 43691
2529293166Brucella abortus CNGB 75991
2529293167Brucella abortus CNGB 75291
2531839049Brucella abortus 64/8191
2531839073Brucella abortus R42-0891
2531839105Brucella abortus levi gila91
2531839116Brucella abortus 93/191
2531839325Brucella abortus 88/21791
2534681826Brucella abortus 65/11091
2534681827Brucella abortus 64/12291
2534681828Brucella abortus 877/6791
2534681829Brucella abortus F6/05-391
2534681830Brucella abortus F6/05-991
2534681914Brucella abortus 863/6791
2534681915Brucella abortus 88/22691
2534681916Brucella abortus F1/06 B191
2534681917Brucella abortus F2/06-891
2534681918Brucella abortus F6/05-491
2534681919Brucella abortus 78/3691
2534681920Brucella abortus 85/14091
2534681921Brucella abortus F3/07-191
2534681922Brucella abortus 80/10191
2534682029Brucella abortus NI61391
2534682030Brucella abortus NI62291
2534682031Brucella abortus NI27491
2534682032Brucella abortus NI35291
2534682033Brucella abortus NI38091
2534682034Brucella abortus NI38891
2534682035Brucella abortus NI42291
2534682036Brucella abortus NI49291
2534682037Brucella abortus NI495a91
2534682038Brucella abortus NI59391
2534682119Brucella abortus 544T91
2534682120Brucella abortus F10/06-391
2534682121Brucella abortus 67/9391
2534682126Brucella abortus 225/6591
2534682127Brucella abortus 63/13091
2534682282Brucella abortus CNGB 143291
2534682283Brucella abortus CNGB 96691
2534682284Brucella abortus CNGB 101191
2534682285Brucella abortus 78/3291
2534682286Brucella abortus F3/01-30091
2537561929Brucella abortus RB51-AHVLA91
2537562204Brucella abortus 65/6391
2537562205Brucella abortus 87/2891
2551306174Brucella abortus BCB03491
2551306185Brucella abortus 104M91
2551306191Brucella abortus BCB01391
2551306193Brucella abortus BCB02791
2551306394Brucella abortus bv. 1 13491

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