Species Name: Leptospira kirschneri

Bacteria, Spirochaetes, Spirochaetia, Spirochaetales, Leptospiraceae, Leptospira

Present in cliques:

Clique Id Clique Type Contributing species(count)
504cliqueLeptospira kirschneri(25):Leptospira santarosai(1)
627cliqueLeptospira kirschneri(1):Leptospira interrogans(193):Leptospira santarosai(1)

Genomes of this species:

IMG Taxon Id Name of genome Present in Clique(s)
2519899558Leptospira kirschneri H2504
2519899808Leptospira kirschneri sv. Valbuzzi 200702274504
2519899817Leptospira kirschneri H1504
2526164615Leptospira kirschneri 200801774504
2529292970Leptospira kirschneri 2008720114504
2531839388Leptospira kirschneri 200801925504
2531839701Leptospira kirschneri sv. Grippotyphosa Moskva504
2531839702Leptospira kirschneri sv. Cynopteri 3522 CTT504
2531839703Leptospira kirschneri sv. Bim 1051504
2531839704Leptospira kirschneri sv. Grippotyphosa RM52504
2531839706Leptospira kirschneri sv. Sokoine RM1504
2537561533Leptospira kirschneri 200802841504
2537561543Leptospira kirschneri 200803703504
2541047035Leptospira kirschneri MMD1493504
2541047036Leptospira kirschneri sv. Bim PUO 1247504
2541047037Leptospira kirschneri sv. Valbuzzi Duyster627
2541047038Leptospira kirschneri sv. Bulgarica Nikolaevo504
2541047044Leptospira kirschneri JB504
2548876802Leptospira kirschneri sv. Grippotyphosa Duyster-Boelhouwer504
2548876803Leptospira kirschneri sv. Grippotyphosa 'Brem 127 Duyster'504
2548876804Leptospira kirschneri sv. Mozdok Brem 166504
2548876805Leptospira kirschneri sv. Valbuzzi Brem 179504
2548876806Leptospira kirschneri sv. Grippotyphosa UT130504
2548876807Leptospira kirschneri sv. Mozdok 'B 81/7 type 3/Tsaratsovo'504
2551306652Leptospira kirschneri sv. Mozdok 1 Vehlefans 3504
2551306653Leptospira kirschneri sv. Mozdok 1 Vehlefans 2504

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