Species Name: Riemerella anatipestifer

Bacteria, Bacteroidetes, Flavobacteriia, Flavobacteriales, Flavobacteriaceae, Riemerella

Present in cliques:

Clique Id Clique Type Contributing species(count)
126cliqueRiemerella anatipestifer(6)
2130singletonRiemerella anatipestifer(1)

Genomes of this species:

IMG Taxon Id Name of genome Present in Clique(s)
649633092Riemerella anatipestifer A350/72 DSM 15868T126
651053063Riemerella anatipestifer RA-GD126
2512564079Riemerella anatipestifer A350/72 DSM 15868T126
2518645536Riemerella anatipestifer RA-CH-12130
2521172679Riemerella anatipestifer RA-CH-2126
2531839590Riemerella anatipestifer RA-YM126
2551306126Riemerella anatipestifer RA-SG126

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