Species Name: Streptococcus parasanguinis

Bacteria, Firmicutes, Bacilli, Lactobacillales, Streptococcaceae, Streptococcus

Present in cliques:

Clique Id Clique Type Contributing species(count)
123cliqueStreptococcus parasanguinis(3)
2822singletonStreptococcus parasanguinis(1)
2888singletonStreptococcus parasanguinis(1)
3646singletonStreptococcus parasanguinis(1)

Genomes of this species:

IMG Taxon Id Name of genome Present in Clique(s)
649990009Streptococcus parasanguinis ATCC 9032822
649990010Streptococcus parasanguinis F04053646
650716089Streptococcus parasanguinis ATCC 15912T123
2513237245Streptococcus parasanguinis FW213123
2529292877Streptococcus parasanguinis SK2362888
2534681879Streptococcus parasanguinis F0449123

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