Species Name: Yersinia pestis

Bacteria, Proteobacteria, Gammaproteobacteria, Enterobacteriales, Enterobacteriaceae, Yersinia

Present in cliques:

Clique Id Clique Type Contributing species(count)
76cliqueYersinia pseudotuberculosis(9):Yersinia pestis(99)

Genomes of this species:

IMG Taxon Id Name of genome Present in Clique(s)
637000350Yersinia pestis Antiqua76
637000351Yersinia pestis CO-9276
637000352Yersinia pestis KIM 1076
637000353Yersinia pestis Nepal51676
637000354Yersinia pestis bv Microtus 9100176
638341243Yersinia pestis bv Orientalis IP27576
640427152Yersinia pestis Pestoides F76
640963031Yersinia pestis CA88-412576
641228512Yersinia pestis Angola76
641736211Yersinia pestis FV-176
641736228Yersinia pestis bv Orientalis F199101676
641736242Yersinia pestis bv Antiqua B4200300476
641736243Yersinia pestis bv Mediaevalis K197300276
641736244Yersinia pestis bv Antiqua E197900176
641736247Yersinia pestis bv Orientalis MG05-102076
641736248Yersinia pestis bv Antiqua UG05-045476
645058759Yersinia pestis Nepal51676
645058767Yersinia pestis Pestoides A76
645058768Yersinia pestis bv Orientalis India 19576
645058769Yersinia pestis bv Orientalis PEXU276
646564590Yersinia pestis Z17600376
646862350Yersinia pestis D10600476
646862351Yersinia pestis D18203876
647000349Yersinia pestis KIM D2776
650377987Yersinia pestis Medievalis Harbin 3576
2511231145Yersinia pestis A112276
2519899751Yersinia pestis INS76
2529292765Yersinia pestis PY-1076
2529292766Yersinia pestis PY-0976
2529292767Yersinia pestis PY-1276
2529292768Yersinia pestis PY-1176
2529292769Yersinia pestis PY-0676
2529292770Yersinia pestis PY-0476
2529292771Yersinia pestis PY-0876
2529292772Yersinia pestis PY-0776
2529292773Yersinia pestis PY-1476
2529292774Yersinia pestis PY-1376
2529292776Yersinia pestis PY-9976
2529292777Yersinia pestis PY-9176
2529292778Yersinia pestis PY-9276
2529292779Yersinia pestis PY-8976
2529292780Yersinia pestis PY-9076
2529292781Yersinia pestis PY-9576
2529292782Yersinia pestis PY-9676
2529292783Yersinia pestis PY-9376
2529292784Yersinia pestis PY-9476
2529292838Yersinia pestis PY-7276
2529292858Yersinia pestis PY-5976
2529292859Yersinia pestis PY-5876
2529292860Yersinia pestis PY-5676
2529292861Yersinia pestis PY-5576
2529292862Yersinia pestis PY-5476
2529292863Yersinia pestis PY-5376
2529292864Yersinia pestis PY-5276
2529292865Yersinia pestis PY-4876
2529292866Yersinia pestis PY-4776
2529292867Yersinia pestis PY-4676
2531839140Yersinia pestis PY-9876
2531839717Yersinia pestis PY-10376
2534681600Yersinia pestis PY-10276
2534681601Yersinia pestis PY-10176
2534681602Yersinia pestis PY-10076
2534681603Yersinia pestis PY-11376
2534681717Yersinia pestis PY-8876
2534681718Yersinia pestis PY-7676
2534681719Yersinia pestis PY-6676
2534681720Yersinia pestis PY-6576
2534681721Yersinia pestis PY-7176
2534681722Yersinia pestis PY-6176
2534681723Yersinia pestis PY-6076
2534681724Yersinia pestis PY-6476
2534681725Yersinia pestis PY-6376
2534681775Yersinia pestis PY-0576
2534681785Yersinia pestis PY-0376
2534681856Yersinia pestis PY-4276
2534681857Yersinia pestis PY-4576
2534681858Yersinia pestis PY-2976
2534681859Yersinia pestis PY-3276
2534681860Yersinia pestis PY-3476
2534681861Yersinia pestis PY-3676
2534681862Yersinia pestis PY-1576
2534681863Yersinia pestis PY-1676
2534681864Yersinia pestis PY-1976
2534681865Yersinia pestis PY-2576
2540341008Yersinia pestis PY-0276
2540341009Yersinia pestis PY-0176
2547132203Yersinia pestis G376876
2547132204Yersinia pestis G167076
2548876671Yersinia pestis biovar Orientalis AS20090115676
2548876672Yersinia pestis biovar Orientalis AS20090153976
2548876673Yersinia pestis biovar Orientalis BA20090179976
2548876674Yersinia pestis biovar Orientalis BA20090170376
2548876675Yersinia pestis biovar Orientalis BA20090199076
2548876676Yersinia pestis biovar Orientalis AS20090214776
2548876677Yersinia pestis biovar Orientalis BA20090200976
2548876678Yersinia pestis biovar Orientalis AS20090150976
2548876679Yersinia pestis biovar Orientalis AS20090143476
2551306094Yersinia pestis 250176
2551306571Yersinia pestis G1670A76

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